Reports, Information & Whitepapers

2016 Volunteer Hours (October 2016 through September 2017)

Volunteer Hours Excel File

Dated Items of Current Interest:

Final Petition regarding VFTU’s suit against Tredyffrin Township’s Settlement Agreement with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Letter to Tredyffrin Township re: Settlement Agreement with Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

VFTU Press Release Announcing our suit against Tredyffrin’s Township’s Settlement Agreement


Valley Creek Settlement Agreement (360KB)


Valley Creek:

Valley Creek Summit Report, April 2004 (~1.6 MB)

Valley Forge Riparian Buffer Restoration Study (4.3 MB)

Valley Creek Sensor Study, 2005 (.22 KB)

Valley Creek Fish Habitat Assessment (8.1 MB)

Valley Creek Large Woody Debris Assessment (3.05MB)


Crabby Creek:

VCRP Efforts to Stabilize Crabby Creek & Concerns about the Renovation of the Sanitary Sewer Line (1.53MB)

Annotated Lower Crabby Creek Restoration (7MB)

Back Yard Ecology Flyer (310KB)

Back Yard Ecology: Homeowner participation in the Crabby Creek restoration. (14KB)



VFTU Storm Water Statement (9 KB)

Assessing the Benefits of Naturalized Basins, Final Report, June 2008, by F.X. Browne, Inc. (13.5 MB)

Cooling of watersheds via “Catch and Release” runoff management (350 KB)

Environment Recovery using enhanced Best Management Practices (70KB)

Managing Watershed Environment Recovery – an economic model (450KB)

Mitigating Best Management Practices (580KB)