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Valley Forge Trout Unlimited Bylaws


Pollution Incidents as of January 2024:

Valley Creek and West Valley Creek


Valley Creek Settlement Agreement (360KB)


Road Salt Pollution

Tredyffrin’s Changing Streams, April 2019

Chester County Water Conditions Reports

The Chester County Water Resources Authority (CCWRA) issues reports summarizing data collected through the Chester County and U.S. Geological Survey Cooperative Water Resources Program. The parameters summarized in these reports provide insight into the County’s water conditions and help guide the management of the County’s water resources. Included in the reports is information on precipitation amounts, groundwater levels, stream flow, biological diversity, various water quality parameters, such as nutrient and chloride concentrations, public water supply reservoir capacity, and surface water withdrawals.

Chester County Water Conditions January 2021 – December 2021

Chester County Water Conditions January 2018 – June 2019 Report

2018 Assessed Waters Map Series (based on 2018 PADEP Water Quality Report)

PADEP published the “2018 Pennsylvania Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report,” which was approved by USEPA in November 2019. Of the 2,348 miles of streams in Chester County, PADEP periodically assesses 1,394 stream miles using an USEPA-approved assessment methodology to determine if a stream is meeting water quality standards. In the 2018 report, PADEP listed 957 miles of streams in Chester County as impaired which means they do not meet water quality standards.

Valley Creek:

Valley Creek Watershed Description

Valley Creek Summit Report, April 2004 (~1.6 MB)

Valley Forge Riparian Buffer Restoration Study (4.3 MB)

Valley Creek Sensor Study, 2005 (.22 KB)

Valley Creek Fish Habitat Assessment (8.1 MB)

Valley Creek Large Woody Debris Assessment (3.05MB)

Crabby Creek:

VCRP Efforts to Stabilize Crabby Creek & Concerns about the Renovation of the Sanitary Sewer Line (1.53MB)

Annotated Lower Crabby Creek Restoration (7MB)

Back Yard Ecology Flyer (310KB)

Back Yard Ecology: Homeowner participation in the Crabby Creek restoration. (14KB)



Storm Water Initiative Presentation with Data

VFTU Storm Water Statement (9 KB)

Assessing the Benefits of Naturalized Basins, Final Report, June 2008, by F.X. Browne, Inc. (13.5 MB)

Cooling of watersheds via “Catch and Release” runoff management (350 KB)

Environment Recovery using enhanced Best Management Practices (70KB)

Managing Watershed Environment Recovery – an economic model (450KB)

Mitigating Best Management Practices (580KB)

An Interview With Pete Goodman