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Environmental Education Virtual Field Trips for Nature Lovers

Carissa, one of the youngsters from Lakeville Nature Conservancy Environmental Education workshop, wanted to pass along this collection of ‘Environmental Education Virtual Field Trips for Nature Lovers’ that she found…

Carissa was excited to share it with you! Not only does it include some fantastic virtual tours of National Parks, nature museums, and botanical gardens, but it includes lots of additional readings on environmental education and conservation practices. Carissa thought you and other nature enthusiasts would enjoy it as much as we have!

Ultimate Guide to Fishing Knots, Hooks, Bait, and Lures

This website was found by Sean, a local Boy Scout, while working on his fishing merit badge:

Trout Unlimited

Trout Unlimited Trout Unlimited is an American non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of freshwater streams, rivers, and associated upland habitats for trout, salmon, other aquatic species, and people. Often contracted as “TU,” the organization began in 1959 in Michigan.

News from TU National

Recently, TU’s Mid-Atlantic Policy team worked with award winning filmmaker Sam Dean to produce 86,000 Miles of Streams, a film that highlights the great work we’ve been doing in search of wild trout. You can check out the film by clicking here:

Also, we’re excited to announce the new and improved Eastern Shale Gas Development page and a new blog post on the homepage to coincide with the release of the film.

PA State Council of Trout Unlimited

VFTU Meetings Speakers

Tim and Joan Flagler, founders of Tightline Productions, a production company specializing in video for the outdoor industry. All their videos are now housed and updated on their YouTube channel at Tim is featured in both and the Fly Fishing blog as well as several other sites.

Dr. Shannon White The Diversity of Movement Behavior in Individual Brook Trout January 14, 2021 General Meeting

Charlie Griffen (licensed PA guide Fly Fishing for Steelhead in Lake Erie Tributaries October 14, 2021 General Meeting

Izzy Croteau and Ben Haussmann Brook Trout Connectivity on Doe Run November 11, 2021 General Meeting

Matt Grobert An Evening of Fly Tying February 16 2022 General Meeting (Part 1)

Matt Grobert An Evening of Fly Tying February 16 2022 General Meeting (Part 2)

Matt Grobert An Evening of Fly Tying February 16 2022 General Meeting (Part 3)

Matt Grobert An Evening of Fly Tying February 16 2022 General Meeting (Part 4)

Henry Ramsey

Dom Swentosky

Other Environmental Organizations

Trout in the Classroom Trout in the Classroom (TIC) is an environmental education program in which students in grades k-12 engage in stream habitat study, learn to appreciate water resources, begin to foster a conservation ethic, and grow to understand ecosystems.

Canaan Valley Institute Canaan Valley Institute is a nonprofit, non-advocacy organization committed to helping communities in the Mid-Atlantic region build their capacity to address environmental or economic problems by implementing locally determined solutions.

Center for Watershed Protection Founded in 1992, the Center for Watershed Protection is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that provides local governments, activists, and watershed organizations around the country with the technical tools for protecting some of the nation’s most precious natural resources: our streams, lakes and rivers.

The Chester County Board of Commissioners is pleased to announce the Pipeline Information Center website. The website provides a wide range of objective information on proposed pipeline projects, regulatory agencies, the regulatory process, pipeline maps, and other pipeline resources. A goal of this initiative is to promote pipeline safety and public awareness through a partnership with pipeline providers, regulators, municipal governments, and other agencies.

Delaware Riverkeeper The Delaware Riverkeeper and the Delaware Riverkeeper Network stand as vigilant protectors and defenders of the River, its tributaries and its watershed committed to restoring the natural balance where it has been lost and ensuring its preservation where it still exists.

Natural Lands Trust Natural Lands Trust protects the forests, fields, wetlands, and streams that are essential to the sustainability and quality of life in eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.

Stroud Water Research Center The Stroud Water Research Center seeks to advance the knowledge of freshwater ecosystems through interdisciplinary research into all aspects of streams, rivers and their watersheds.

Maps, Information and Data

Road Salt Pollution

“Salt is of concern as an emerging fresh water contaminate.” according to John Jackson, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, at the Stroud Water Research Center.

In other words, salt is polluting our fresh water.  In some watersheds like Chester County’s Valley Creek that runs through Valley Forge National Historical Park it is past emerging – it is polluting the stream.  Background levels of salinity are in some places already exceeding thresholds for a healthy stream.

Home Science: Backyard Conservation

Environmental conservation is an important issue in today’s world, and there are lots of ways to help in your own backyard. Now more than ever, it is vital to preserve our planet and its natural resources, like water, soil, plants and wildlife. Everyone can help out by recycling, using less water, and making the community more eco-friendly. Many of these activities can be fun, too!

Backyard Environmental Education You probably like to play in your backyard, but did you know that your backyard can be a great place to learn about wildlife, plants, trees, conservation, and other science topics? Even if you live in the city with a very small backyard behind your home, you can still explore nature and wildlife to learn about the environment. This link was suggested by Ms. Ainsworth’s elementary school students who were participating in an environmental science class.

Watersheds of Chester County Maps

Brandywine Red Clay Alliance Red Streams Blue The goal of the Red Streams Blue Program is to ensure that all streams in the Brandywine and Red Clay Watersheds meet Pennsylvania and Delaware water quality standards. Our map shows the streams that do not meet water quality standards in red. Blue streams meet the standards.

Stroud Water Research Center Real Time Data Stroud™ Water Research Center is overcoming the obstacles to large near-real-time data collection networks by using Arduino, an open source electronics platform. We are sharing our experiences building wireless sensor networks in an online community, so that anyone can replicate and implement their own versions of our instrumentation. To follow our progress and share your experiences, visit View real-time data at


Chester County Conservation District An organization dedicated to addressing natural resource conservation in the sustainable use of those resources by the citizens of Chester County through education and technical assistance.

Chester County Water Resources Authority The Water Resource Authority provides the water resource science, engineering and planning necessary to protect public safety, preserve the integrity of Chester County’s natural water resources and watershed systems, and balance the needs of all water users in support of landscapes, watersheds, and planned growth for Chester County.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection This agency web site offers links to all state programs and provides status reports on on-going environmental projects.

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