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The Valley Forge Chapter of Trout Unlimited is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and restoring trout habitat throughout Chester County, Pennsylvania. Valley Forge Trout Unlimited is an active chapter effectively working to advance conservation efforts. Its 800-plus members and affiliates are engaged in the fight to preserve our precious cold water resources. All similarly inclined persons are invited to join in our efforts.

Valley Forge Trout Unlimited general meetings are open to the public. They are held the second Thursday of each month from September through May. There is no general meeting in March due to the Trout Show.

Our next Public – General Membership Meeting will be held on
Thursday, December 14, 7:30 PM
at the NEW location:
The Barn at Upland Farm Park
301 Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs, PA 19425


Join us for our first annual Holiday Bazaar

New, gently used and collectors’ item fishing paraphernalia will be on sale by Valley Forge Trout Unlimited and the Dame Juliana League. You are encouraged to begin rounding up  similar items you might want to sell. Individual sellers will be asked to make a $20 donation for table space. Don’t miss this opportunity to cull your gear collection and do some Christmas shopping! 

Election for Board of Directors

Election for the VFTU Board of Directors will take place at this meeting. The board has nominated Joe Lynch and Corey Trego as board members. The board recommends members of Valley Forge Trout Unlimited vote for them at the meeting. Nominations may also be made by members of Valley Forge Trout Unlimited at the meeting. According to our bylaws, nominees must be members of Valley Forge Trout Unlimited.

Clean Streams 2023 Raffle Drawing

Winning tickets for our Clean Streams 2023 raffle will be drawn. Mail your tickets in by December 7, or better yet, bring them to the meeting. More tickets will be available at the meeting.

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Note: No general meetings are held in March, June, July and August

Please plan on joining us for our regularly scheduled monthly meetings featuring great speakers and terrific members! All are welcome. Our meetings are open to the public. Membership is not required to attend.

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Recordings of some of our public – membership meetings can be found here

VFTU’s Mission

  1. Conserve, protect and restore cold water fisheries and their watersheds, principally in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
  2. Encourage proper land, water, fish and wildlife management and conservation.
  3. Promote and assist in the education of all citizens as to the need for preservation of the environment in as natural state as possible.
  4. Promote the philosophy, objectives and activities of Trout Unlimited.

VFTU Initiatives

Brook Trout in Chester County

Brook trout are under significant pressure in Chester County, PA due to habitat loss and degradation that started with deforestation and agricultural development in the 1700s, and increased with more recent suburban development.

Our overarching goals are to preserve current brook trout habitat where populations currently occur in Chester County, and to reestablish brook trout where conditions are appropriate. Read more here.

Stream Data Monitoring

Partnering with Stroud Water Research, we have placed monitoring devices in several locations in Valley Creek. Data is fed back to Stroud for analysis. These sensors require periodic maintenance, so ir you would like to get involved, send an email to valleyforgetu@gmail.com

Macro Invertebrate Study

Aquatic insects are being collected and sent for identification from sites in Valley Creek, Pine Creek, Pickering Creek and two tributaries to Pickering that run through the Bryn Coed Preserve annually. If you are interested in participating, send an email to valleyforgetu@gmail.com

Trout In The Classroom

Valley Forge Trout Unlimited sponsors a number of TIC programs in local schools. Click here to learn more.

Road Salt Pollution

Salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) used in winter de-icing is dramatically increasing the salinity of Valley Creek and many other streams in Chester County.

“Salt is of concern as an emerging fresh water contaminant.” according to John Jackson, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, at the Stroud Water Research Center. Click here for more information.

Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters is a nationwide program administered through the Veteran’s Administration that introduces fly fishing to veterans.  Our chapter began participating in this outreach program in 2012 and it is growing rapidly.  Click here for more information on how we’re engaging veterans in this rejuvenating project and how you can take part.

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