Projects & Efforts

TreeRevetement Before AfterWorkdays

We are committed to protecting and preserving Valley Creek and West Valley Creek. Want to help? Please contact: Pete Goodman: 610-827-7619  Or CLICK HERE to fill out a volunteer form.



Current Project Updates

Project Healing Waters

  • Keeping tying gear available to the Vets:  The hospital reps that I met with are going to seek approval to have about four tying kits, tools and materials available for the Vets to use at their leisure.  Currently, CVAMC utilizes a building for “Therapy Clinics” which includes a wood working shop and leather working shop.
  • On site storage area for our equipment and supplies:  As of next meeting, we will be able to keep our gear at CVAMC.
  • Informal Wednesday tying nights :  Some of our volunteers have expressed an interest in having informal tying sessions with the Vets on our off Wednesday nights.