Keeper of the Stream

Keeper of the Stream is a partnership between Valley Forge National Historical Park and the Valley Forge Chapter of Trout Unlimited (VFTU) to increase community involvement in the protection and restoration of the Valley Creek Watershed. Through observation, education, monitoring, and conservation projects this program will provide additional protection restoration and preservation for Valley Creek.

MISSION: Preserve, protect and restore the Valley Creek Watershed through education and community involvement and promote an ethic of conservation and stewardship.

The Keeper of the Stream volunteer program connects people to Valley Forge by providing volunteer opportunities both within and outside the park that have a direct positive impact on water resources there. Through this program you have the option of participating in two types of activities:

1. Stream Watch is best suited to volunteers interested in long term involvement, who are able to work independently and walk a 2 mile section of stream on a periodic basis. You will adopt a ‘stream beat’ somewhere in the watershed, perhaps a section of stream you visit already and walk it at least four times per year. You will look for problems such as erosion, spills, and fish kills, collect baseline data such as photographs, and report what you see to people who can  help. You will receive training on what to look for, stream monitoring, and incident reporting.

2. Valley Creek Conservation Corps is best suited to volunteers interested in one day stream conservation projects and stream work days hosted by the NPS and/or VFTU.  Support the creek by participating in stream conservation projects in the watershed.  Activities include repair of fenced stream buffer areas, trash pickup, stream bank stabilization, and tree planting, depending on needs identified by the park and VFTU.  Receive email notification of activities and projects as they arise. Great for individuals or groups!

Remember – we all live downstream!


  • Take an active role to assist the NPS in its mission to preserve and protect both cultural and natural resources.
  • Learn about the importance of watersheds and stream communities and the link between human activities outside the park and water quality within the park.
  • Meet and network with other folks who care about Valley Creek and Valley Forge National Historical Park.
  • Develop knowledge and skills necessary for the protection of the natural environment.
  • Increase personal appreciation for the significance of National Parks and of volunteering.
  • T-shirts provided for Stream Watch volunteers to wear while walking your “stream beat”.

To Volunteer or receive more information click here to send us a message.