Officers & Board Members

There are over 800 members involved in making Valley Forge Trout Unlimited the effective conservation organization it is. The following list is only a sampling of the many dedicated members who help our effort in various ways.


President: Pete Hughes  Vice President, Internal Affairs: Karl Heine  Acting Vice President, External Affairs: Chris Burns  Acting Secretary: John Dettrey  Treasurer: Robbi Freisem  South Eastern Regional PA VP to PA TU State Council: Chris Burns Environmental Chairman: Pete Goodman  Membership Chairman: Pete Lee

Board Members

Joe Armstrong
Jeff Bush
Frank Donohoe
Charlie Griffen
John Johnson
Jim Leonard
Bill Litty
Dave Macaleer
Owen Owens
Jeff Turner
Dave Dickens


Program Leads (Non-Board Member):

Trout in the Classroom:
Dave Dickens

Project Healing Waters, Coatesville Veterans Affairs Medical Center:
Ken Van Gilder

Project Healing Waters, Community Program – “West Bradford”:
Jay Breneman

Project Healing Waters, – Deputy Regional Coordinator for PA:
Dave Riggio