VFTU Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting will be Thursday, December 10th, 7:30 PM. This meeting will be held electronically via online webinar. In addition to a great presentation from Dave Bressler of Stroud Water Research Center, we will provide a polling option to those in attendance so that we can vote on two issues, the election of officers and other Board members and our bylaws that have been amended. The list of proposed officers and Board members is below. If you want to propose someone not listed below, please contact Pete Hughes at phtrout@comcast.net and we will make sure we vote on their names. 

Proposed slate of officers and board members

Jim Leonard – President Frank Donohoe
Karl Heine – VP Internal Affairs Robbi Freisem
Al Renzi – VP External Affairs Charlie Griffen
Park Messikomer – Secretary Pete Hughes
Patrick Runyen – Treasurer Dave Macaleer
Dave Dickens – TIC Chair Owen Owens
Pete Goodman – Environmental Chair Les Young
Pete Lee – Membership Chair Edward McGovern
Joe Armstrong Len Zappalo
John Dettrey  

The amended bylaws can be found here.