Project Healing Waters Coatesville Wins Hazel Harnish Award

I’m pleased to announce that the Coatesville VA has decided to award this year’s Hazel P Harnish Memorial Award to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. This is a prestigious local award given in recognition of excellence in volunteering and commemorates the years of loving and dedicated service of long-time volunteer Hazel Harnish. It’s is the highest award available to the hundreds of volunteers at the hospital. 

The hard work and dedication of our group has resulted in a viable online fly tying program that is now available for the benefit of the disabled vets at the hospital. Much deserved thanks goes to Gene Glavin, Chris Ricciutti, Paddy Mofit, Phil Schwartz, Ted Nawalinski, Matt Seymour, Jim Dowd, Sean Reed, Mike Ferraro, and Gill Detweiller.

Ken VanGilder,PL


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