Car Break In at White Clay Creek

I am passing onto you a message from one of our members whose car was broken into recently while he was fishing:

Rob – Hope all is well your way. I just wanted to send you a quick note, that possibly could be forwarded to our club (White Clay Fly Fishers) as an FYI. Below is a summary of the events that happened to me this morning, June 2:

I parked in the pull off on Good Hope Rd (not the parking lot) in front of N. Bank Rd to fish the Middle Branch of the White Clay this morning. I was the only car there, and I backed in almost right up to the trailhead, so my car was facing the road. I have a key less entry (Chevy Malibu) and ensured all doors were locked as was the trunk, and I went down to the stream. As I have done for decades, I left my wallet in my center counsel under my cell phone and some packs of gum. About 30 minutes or so into fishing near the big rock I heard a car alarm coming from the direction of where I parked, and though out of range I hit my lock button on an off chance it was my car.alarm kept going and then stopped. I continued to fish and moved downstream until about an additional hour later when I received a call from my wife on my “fishing cell phone” (which is very unusual), I tried calling back – no answer – , and tried texting – no response.thinking something was wrong at home I headed back to my car, unlocked the car/trunk and took my waders off and broke down and stored my pole. When I got in the car, I noticed the center counsel was up and my wallet was gone – nothing else taken or disturbed, and also, I had several alerts on my normal cell phone indicating my credit and debit cards had been fraudulently used, as well as calls from my wife. I went immediately home and called the police. When I got home, I noticed the thieves had put my wallet outside the car between my windshield & hood. Other then my credit and debit cards and a little over $100 (in $20 & $10) nothing else was taken – My Military ID (retired), Drivers License, VA Card, Exxon Card, and other various cards were untouched. I filed a police report with the PA State Police who informed me that this type of theft is not unusual for our area in and around the various parks – that surely was a surprise to me.

Since this was such an unexpected event, and I did not know it was a somewhat common occurrence (as mentioned by the State Trooper), I thought it best to alert you and our club members..On a positive note, I did catch some nice size fish, and there still appears to be a good population present. Have a great evening.