DEP’s Remedial Plan for Bishop Tube and Our Comments

The 13.7 acre Bishop Tube site (located in Chester County PA on the east side  of Malin Road, south of US Route 30) has been abused by industry for over 50 years. The site, formerly used to process precious metals and fabricate tubing and pipeline products, is heavily contaminated with chlorinated solvents, acids and heavy metals, including TCE, nitric and hydrofluoric aacids, various oils and other hazardous materials. In addition to the soil, contaminates from this site have leached into the groundwater.

As a result of an application to develop this site, the DEP issued a Remedial Response Plan for public comment. Our responses to this plan are here:

VFTU’s Comments

Bishop Tube Public Comment 01_31_2022

Valley Creek Trustee Council Comments

Bishop Tube 20220131 Valley Creek Trustee Council Comments

More information on the Bishop Tube site is available:

A film documenting the residents’ fight with the help of primarily the Delaware Riverkeeper Network in the person of Maya van Rossum to get the highly contaminated Bishop Tube site turned into passive natural space following clean up rather than dense residential development is available here:

The General Warren Village Neighborhood Association needs your support. Click here for details and steps you can take.