VFTU Brook Trout Egg Planting Cancelled for 2023

VFTU is disappointed to announce that our brook trout egg planting program targeted for late November of this year has been cancelled, due to supply problems at the hatchery. Although we were recently informed that we’d be expecting a batch of eggs late this month, the yield and viability of those produced were much smaller … Read More

VFTU Receives Embrace-A-Stream Grant

Trout Unlimited awarded a $3,000 EAS grant to Valley Forge Trout Unlimited for the purchase of HOBO sensors for the Valley Creek Restoration Partnership to place in Crabby Creek. These monitors do not indicate the presence of itinerant workers riding the rails from town to town, but rather measure and record stream temperatures every 15 … Read More

Need a Fishing License?

Over 65 Years Old? Here’s a Bargain! VFTU was donated two vouchers for105 Senior Resident Lifetime Fishing License Their purchase price was $76.97 They must be used by 12/31/2023. We are offering them to anyone for $35.00 Contact Pete Goodman at peteg5020@gmail.com — first come first served —

Salt is Killing Valley Creek

Salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) used in winter de-icing is dramatically increasing the salinity of Valley Creek and many other streams in Chester County. “Salt is of concern as an emerging fresh water contaminant.” according to John Jackson, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, at the Stroud Water Research Center. Click Here for More Information

VFTU’s Online Store is Now Open!

Donate to VFTU and get hats, shirts, sweatshirts and more at the same time. VFTU receives 30%  of your purchases. All items feature our logo. Go to https://store.travelchamps.com/vftu/shop/home  to see what we’ve got.                                                         

Brook Trout Egg Planting Successful!

Last October, VFTU volunteers planted vibert boxes with brook trout eggs in small spring runs in the Exton and Yellow Springs areas. Although no brookies were found at the Yellow Springs sight, the Exton site had proved to be successful when it was surveyed in February.

Fish Kill on Valley Creek

On Friday, January 14, 2022 shortly before 8:00 a.m. there was an explosive water main break under the roadway of Route 401 in the vicinity of the rear driveway to Great Valley High School, between Route 202 and Phoenixville Pike.   The repair excavation extended across both west bound lanes causing the road to be closed … Read More