Pennsylvania’s wild trout need your voice!

Pennsylvania is home to 16,000 miles of wild trout streams. Thanks to the Fish and Boat Commission, 67 new Wild Trout waters and three Class A streams have been proposed for upgraded designation this July. With your help, we can secure protections for these additional streams from development and pollution. The public is invited to … Read More

Brandywine Water Trail Feasibility Study

The Brandywine Conservancy really wants to make sure that as many people as possible, particularly recreational water users of the Brandywine, know about the survey and can share their input. With the arrival of warmer weather, we wanted to make sure that the community knows about the survey for the Brandywine Water Trail Feasibility Study … Read More

Tell Congress to increase funding for the Delaware River Basin in 2020!

Recognizing the importance of the Delaware River watershed, Congress created the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program in 2016 to focus and enhance conservation efforts in the region. With grassroots advocacy by Trout Unlimited and our partners in the watershed, we have generated bipartisan support for the Delaware in Congress and secured $11 million for the … Read More

Active Constituent Team

Representative Friel Otten encourages constituents to participate in Active Constituent Teams formed around legislative issues of interest or concern to our local communities. An environmental group has recently formed, and they would welcome any members of Trout Unlimited to participate in those conversations if they are residents of the 155th Legislative District. The 155th lies … Read More

Bishop Tube

The General Warren Village Neighborhood Association needs your support to ensure full clean up and natural protection for this 13.7 acre site located in Chester County, PA on the east side of Malin Road, south of US Route 30.  Click here for details and steps you can take. Click here to sign on to a set … Read More

Spotted Lantern Fly

Please be on the lookout for the Spotted Lantern Fly, an invasive species from Asia with the potential to devastate crops and trees. The Spotted Lantern Fly infestation is in Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Chester County and is spreading. Please use the links to videos below to find out more information on how to identify and destroy this nasty pest. … Read More

Limit spread of disease and invasive species

Please help limit the spread of disease and invasive species. Keep the fish population healthy by cleaning your equipment before getting into Valley Creek (or any other waterway). It is as easy as: SCRUB (scrub off any debris) SPRAY (spray with a 10% bleach solution – away from water since bleach is toxic to wildlife) … Read More

Stream Survey

Community & Environmental Defense Services has developed an easy to use checklist and database for assessing stream health and tracing pollution to a source. View the checklist Use the checklist to survey your neighborhood streams as well as those you fish, then add your findings to the database. Update the database Add your findings to … Read More