Tell your representatives to protect clean water & conservation funding in Pennsylvania

Dear PA TU Members,

Amidst the Covid-19 emergency declaration, legislators in Harrisburg have been busy trying to undermine clean water regulations and conservation funding.

Recently, two pieces of legislation have gained momentum, each with negative connotations for the economic and ecological health of our waterways and wild trout fisheries.

HB 2416 / SB 327
These companion bills in both the house and senate would prohibit any regulatory bodies in Pennsylvania from submitting or approving any regulations as final until 90 days after the end of the disaster emergency declaration. Included in these regulatory actions are stream designation upgrades, which TU members and supporters have worked in earnest to achieve over the years through restoration and advocacy.

Amendment 05143 to HB 1822
House Bill 1822 in itself would provide much needed relief for families and businesses struggling through these uncertain times. Unfortunately, an amendment to the bill was added that would freeze spending for new contracts from 16 special funds, including Growing Greener, the Keystone Fund, and eight other funds that help TU and our partners complete critical on-the-ground stream restoration and habitat protection.

Make your voice heard!

Protecting clean air, water, and outdoor recreation is more important than ever. TU chapters and staff rely on these funds to restore streams and regulatory rule makings to provide clean drinking water for communities throughout the Commonwealth.


Rob Shane 
Mid-Atlantic Organizer