Limit spread of disease and invasive species

Please help limit the spread of disease and invasive species. Keep the fish population healthy by cleaning your equipment before getting into Valley Creek or any other waterway.

Anchor Fly, a guide service, online educational platform out of WNC and Trout Unlimited Business Partner has recently partnered with Linda Vance, Associate Director of the Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana. She has written an excellent and actionable article on invasive species as they pertain to anglers. It is geared toward the beginner angler and (among other key info.), outlines tips for anglers to help slow the spread of aquatic invasives.

Due to an increase in anglers from the pandemic–we as guides and outfitters feel it is our duty to step up and help educate. This article will help, and we are trying to get it out there.

 54.7 million Americans fished at least once during 2020, the highest number recorded since participation tracking began in 2007.

 We offered a survey on invasive species to fly anglers and found out that almost 25% didn’t know where to look for info on aquatic invasives and slowing their spread.

Full article here:


scrub off any debris

spray with a 10% bleach solution – away from water since bleach is toxic to wildlife
soak in Super HDQ neutral  (quaternary ammonia compound, available from Amazon)
mixed at a ratio of 6 oz to a gallon of water

let the material soak for 5 to 10 minutes

rinse with fresh water